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Current Listings

256 Valley Ridge Road Haverford Reserve, Haverford, PA

Sold Listings

10 Treble Lane, Malvern, PA
101 Rossmore Drive, Malvern, PA
1014 South Leopard Rd, Berwyn, PA
103 Atlee Circle Waynesborough Woods, Berwyn, PA
109 Weatherburn Way, Newtown Square, PA
111 South Valley Road, Paoli, PA
1135 Waterloo Road, Berwyn, PA
116 Loramie Circle, Berwyn, PA
1255 Brentford Lane, Malvern, PA
129 Graham Way, Devon, PA
1435 Tree Line Drive, Malvern, PA
1540 Waverly Road, Gladwyne, PA
1806 Hawkweed Way, Malvern, PA
19 Wood Lane 19, Malvern, PA
281 Bair Rd, Berwyn, PA
3 Kent Lane, Paoli, PA
303 Castlewood Drive, Devon, PA
304 Old Barn Cir, Phoenixville, PA
304 South Valley Road, Paoli, PA
314 Bair Rd, Berwyn, PA
355 Bair Rd, Berwyn, PA
360 Kathwood Lane, Wayne, PA
38 Salem Way, Malvern, PA
381 Margo Lane, Berwyn, PA
395 Margo Lane, Berwyn, PA
396 Bair Rd, Berwyn, PA
396 Old Eagle School Rd, Wayne, PA
441 Bair Road, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
515 Bair Rd, Berwyn, PA
515 Hawthorne Place, Berwyn, PA
523 Pugh Rd, Wayne, PA
639 Olympia Hills Circle, Berwyn, PA
643 Olympia Hills Circle, Berwyn, PA
665 Mountview Rd, Berwyn, PA
679 Mountview Rd, Berwyn, PA
686 Mountview Rd, Berwyn, PA
760 White Horse Road, Berwyn, PA
791 Old State Road, Berwyn, PA
812 Newtown Road, Berwyn, PA

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