An overview of our Seller Representative Services:

1. We will establish a comprehensive marketing plan to promote your property to buyers, including the following services at no additional charge:

- Professional Photography

Buyers rely on photos to help them choose which homes to see – and which homes to dismiss. They often make their decisions quickly based on their first impression from the photos they see on-line or in the MLS. Poor photos result in critical missed opportunities. To ensure that your home is marketed to its best potential, at Fitzgerald-Loose Fine Homes, we hire only professional photographers trained in real estate photography.

- Professional Staging Consultation

One of the first steps in preparing your home for sale will often be a consultation with a professional stager. Staging highlights your home’s best features to buyers, and has been proven to sell homes faster, and for a higher price. What does staging involve? The stager’s recommendations will vary depending on your needs and situation – from re-arranging or removing furniture to make rooms feel bigger, to painting or removing wall-paper, to more involved projects such as re-glazing out-dated bathroom tiles. You and your home are unique, so the staging recommendations and marketing plan will be tailored to fit your needs, priorities and goals.

- Custom Web-Site

The vast majority of home buyers now use the internet as a critical source of information in their home search. I will purchase a custom domain (usually including your street address) to market your home. To see an example of how this powerful marketing tool can help market your home, click on these links: 

- Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing

Your custom web-site will be search engine optimized and linked to major home marketing sites (such as Zillow, Trulia, and more) so that buyers can quickly and easily find your home when conducting an internet search. In addition, your home will be offered “Featured Listing” status on the premier home-search sites, placing it at the top of search results.

2.  The Fitzgerald-Loose Fine Homes team will prepare a competitive market analysis to determine an appropriate pricing strategy for your home. Homes that are priced too high initially are more likely to take longer to sell, and on average sell for less than comparable homes priced appropriately to start. In this case, the numbers tell the story:

                    Days on Market                        Sold Price as % of Asking Price

                         0–30                                                             97%

                        31-60                                                            92%

                        60-90                                                            89%

                       91-120                                                           83%

                      121-180                                                          80%

                        > 180                                                            78%

                                                                                                            Source: Trend MLS


Based on our knowledge and experience in the local real estate market we will give you an honest assessment of your home’s value: We will not “buy” your listing by agreeing to an artificially high selling price for your home: that is a waste of your time and ours. Go to the “Listings” tab on this website to see our team's proven track record of selling homes quickly at or near the listing price.

Hire a specially trained Seller Advocate. Most - if not all - of the buyers who will be looking at your home will be represented by a buyer’s agent; you should be represented by experienced, trained professionals who understand your needs as a seller. Unlike some other realtors, Sue and Michele do NOT practice dual agency (representing both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction); we will represent only one party in any transaction.

Your home will be marketed to qualified buyers.  Marketing to qualified buyers is where selling your own home “by owner” versus listing with an experienced professional differ dramatically. When selling “by owner” the seller has no means of screening potential “buyers” for credit worthiness or even safety. Valuable time and money can be spent showing your home to “buyers” who aren’t even qualified to buy. When listing your home with a licensed professional, your home will be marketed to pre-screened, qualified buyers who are actively seeking to purchase a new home, not “just looking.”

To represent you and market your home to achieve maximum market value, Sue has earned the following specialized certifications and designations:

Seller Representative Specialist (SRS), recognizing specialized experience and education in seller representation;

Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS), and member of the Luxury Home Council, with advanced training, education and a record of successful home sales in the Luxury home market. 

Accredited Relocation Specialist, with certifications from two of the largest global relocation companies: SIRVA Relocation and the Brookfield Relocation Group.  

Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), with training, education and membership in the Real Estate Negotiation Institute

In a competitive marketplace, every advantage counts in selling your home faster and for the best price:

Don’t save pennies and lose dollars: listing your home with a “discount” broker may save in listing fees, but if that broker can’t even negotiate his/her own fees, do you really want that person representing you during the negotiation of the sale of your home? What kind of negotiator discounts his/her own fees before the negotiation even begins? Thousands of dollars can be quickly lost in price and home inspection negotiations, negating any “savings” from discount brokerage fees.


Please contact us to discuss marketing your home for sale today.  cell: 610-209-9238   cell:  610-304-5708