Buyers often ask what to look for during the final walk-through, just prior to settlement.  With the "finish line" so close, its tempting to relax and just "sail through" the final walk-through, but that could be a costly mistake. 

 First, prepare for settlement and walk-through by bringing:

- a copy of the contract, including the sellers disclosure, list of agreed to repairs, and list of included/ excluded items;

- copy of the inspection report;

- copy of sellers disclosure.


Take the time and make the effort to check the details, including:

-  Have all the agreed-to repairs been made? (If agreed, the Seller should have receipts or documentation at the settlement table).

-  Check the exterior of the house - including landscape and grounds.  Has the grass been mowed? Is there a pile of yard debris in the back yard?  Has a tree fallen? Unless otherwise agreed, the house should be in the same condition as when the contract was signed.

-  Do all doors open/close and lock properly - especially exterior doors?

-  Test the HVAC system - heat and cooling if weather permits.

-  Turn on/off lights throughout the house.

-  Check that all appliances are in working order.

-  Turn on/off faucets to test water pressure and check for leaks.  Flush toilets.

-  Confirm that all agreed included items have remained. 

-  Confirm that all excluded items, and the Seller's personal property, have been removed.  An old refrigerator not included in the contract but left in the garage could result in hundreds of dollars in haul-away charges for you. 


At the settlement table, don't leave before obtaining:

- Keys to all doors

- Alarm codes

- Remote garage openers

- Receipts for any agreed-to repairs

Many Sellers will also leave instructions or manuals for appliances/systems.


In most cases, with a little planning and appropriate due-diligence by all the parties, you can expect a smooth walk-through and settlement!